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PDX RUST Speakers at ReUse-A-Palooza June 10th Portland, Oregon

DX RUST Speaker Freedom Moreno at

ReUse-Aplooza at the Oregon Public House June 10th

Freedom Moreno is a Certified Deconstructionist with the Building Material Reuse Association. She was in the first building deconstruction certification class for the City of Portland, Oregon. She is also an Alumni of Oregon Tradeswomen Inc.

Freedom pioneered as the first women and woman of color, to be a lumber specialist for Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage.


PDX RUST Speaker Simon Love atReUse-Aplooza at the Oregon Public House June 10th

Simon is the reuse and repair specialist at Oregon DEQ, leading the implementation of DEQ’s strategic plan related to extending the lifespan of products through reuse, repair and improvements to product durability.


Source: PDX RUST