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Sponsor Post: Railroadware Wire Coil Toroid Pendant Collection – RailroadWare


Wire Coil Glass Toroid Pendant a14

Industrial lighting made from glass and steel providing style while adding a modern presence to your kitchen, office or restaurant.

Wire Coil Glass Toroid Pendant a07

Wire Coil Glass Toroid Pendant Light™ 580 Lumen LED dimming
Inspired by Tesla’s Induction Coil Transformer featuring a toroid (cylinder) made from a wine bottle shade hand wrapped with reflective metal wire winding.

The suspended 580 Lumen LED bulb beams, reflects and shimmers off the wire strands beaming through the glass shade with a focused task light at the bottom of the cylinder to deliver plenty of light to a table or counter. A warm reflective glow spills out of the top.

All Railroadware fixtures are made in the USA meeting all NEC Standards and can be tested & UL labeled if needed for an additional cost. The pendant comes ready to hang with instructions, canopy, hardware and LED bulb.

Inquire about our 12V LED Monopoint fixture systems that are UL Listed. This fixture works on a variety of monorail track light series – WAC, H, J & L (See additional lights & accessories for additional options)

Wire Coil Glass Toroid Pendant a10

APPLICATION: Kitchen Island, hallway, living room, dining room, coffee bar, restaurant, foyer, lobby, bedroom…

Customers & friends will notice and appreciate the optical performance & origins of these fixtures.
Includes: (ready to hang,

+ Metal coil glass shade 3″ dia. 6″ tall. Total fixture measures 7″ tall with cord grip.

+ Brass hardware ring inside glass toroid shade.

+ Cord – 60″ adj. 3 wire cord (white & black) additional length available

+ Base – Candelabra base porcelain socket set

+ LED Bulb – 120V 6W 580 Lumens/ 60W equal, 360 degree, 2700K warm white, No UV no IR

+ Canopy – Metal 5″ ceiling canopy, cross bar with two screws and an adjustable cord grip. (white, black & metal)

Weight: 3 LBS

Box Size: 6x6x8

Shipping: 2-4 weeks

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Source: Wire Coil Toroid Pendant Collection – RailroadWare

Railroad Spike Beer Rack Train by RailroadWare




RR_Spike_Wine Train_Rack_8b

All aboard functional piece of heavy duty Railroadware. This unique shelving & product display system is an ideal way to display and feature your favorite cans & bottles. It can handle the job storing your products with an attractive rustic style, industrial old world charm and functionality. Your favorite bottle or can is the locomotive. (Fine wines or beer not included.)

Used in restaurants, bars, and homes, The storage system comes with 2-spikes,  2-rebar rails,  2- cast iron escutcheon washer2 ½” dia. and 2-wood screws 1/4″x 2″  that can be removed and replaced with any hardware you need.


Custom sizes and longer trains are available. Each track carries a train featuring your bottles and cans. You can stack you precious cargo on the rails or purchase multiple shelves. Orient them east or west bound either way they make a nice addition to your kitchen or bar station.

RR_Spike_Beer Train_Rack_1b

Attach to wall studs @ 32” O.C. or consult contractor for drywall or other installation. Extra Additional RR spike brackets and ½” rebar gauge track available.

RR_Spike_Beer Train_Rack_3b


We upcycle and repurpose common industrial artifacts transforming them into products that provide a historical accent to commercial or residential spaces. Combining the ruggedness of upcycled industrial steel and glass, our products add distinctive depth and texture to your decor without overwhelming. They are also delightfully functional and all made in USA.

Railroad Spike Beer Rack Train 44″ – 6 pack – RailroadWare.

RailroadWare | Unique Lighting | Hardware

This popped up in our inbox this morning from RailroadWare.

They have beautiful products made from glass insulators. We especially like the respectful write-up on the history of insulators on their website.


Glass insulators are a fascinating part of the industrial revolution and communications. Although they are relics of an old technology, found mostly along old rail and abandoned telegraph lines, they have a historical significance to the telecom industry worldwide.

The oldest insulators pre-date the Civil War. U.S. Companies such as Hemingray, Brookefield, Kerr, Armstrong, Tatum & Pyrex manufactured them. They were produced by the millions until the 1970’s. Some were experimental or produced in limited quantities, some are extremely rare, and many over 100 years old and collected worldwide.

There are many nuances in the styles, colors and uses of glass insulators. Each has a unique shape, design and industrial form that track the industry, development, technology and innovation.

via RailroadWare | Unique Lighting | Housewares | Kitchen & Bath | Hardware.