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Cafe Cartolina: End grain block floor at the studio!


As part of our ongoing project to update the Cartolina studio we decided that we needed a workshop.

Doug built an addition onto the studio and decided to finish the floor using ‘end grain block flooring’. It’s actually a really old style of flooring that was commonly used on factory floors in the 19th century.

We had some leftover beam ends in the shed from a previous project – kiln dried fir- and he set to work, slicing them up into 3″ x 7″ blocks, about 3/4 inches thick. It took him quite a long time to slice up all the blocks and sand the edges.

Once he had prepared 850 blocks he glued them to the plywood floor using a non water based, flexible flooring adhesive.

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English Farmer Builds Incredible Hobbit House for Just 150 Pounds | Oddity Central – Collecting Oddities


The former art teacher drew plans for the house on the back of an envelope. He didn’t need any special planning permissions since it was classified as a summer home. Buck spent two years gathering natural and reclaimed materials for construction. It took him an additional eight months to construct it with his bare hands; he didn’t use any power tools at all.

For the 300 sq. ft. floor space, Buck rescued the floorboards from a neighbor’s unused skip. He retrieved the windscreen of an old lorry and converted the glass into windows. The walls are painted with a mixture of chalk and plant resin. The roof is a simple wooden frame thatched with straw from nearby fields.


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Demolition Contractors Offer Tips on Salvaging Wood Floors » Greener Ideal

This is a really wonderful “How To” on reclaiming wood flooring. It is written by JD Elder of Elder Demolition in Portland, Oregon.

On occasion Elder Demolition would hire DeConstruction Services, which is where I got to know some of the Elder folks.  They are a great example of how demolition and deconstruction can partner to save resources.

It is also important to note that by crossing the divide between demolition and deconstruction, companies like Elder are important to the reuse industry.

Go read the entire article and learn a thing or two!

wood floor

Photo by Matt Baume

How to Pull Up Old Wood Floors for Salvaging

1. Use your pry bar to remove baseboards. These may also be reused if you are careful and don’t damage them during removal.

Pry up a board with an exposed tongue. Near a nail, slide the pry bar underneath the board and elevate about ¼ inch. Then move to the next nail and do the same thing. Note: Patience is critical in this process. If you lift too much at once, you risk splitting the board or harming the tongue. For especially stubborn nails, try rocking the pry bar back and forth to loosen. If this doesn’t work you may need to use a reciprocal saw to slice the nail.

Go back to where you started and repeat the above process. Do this until the board can be lifted clean away. Pull out old nails and dispose of them properly, so that they don’t pose a safety threat to tender feet.

Continue to pry away the boards in the room, taking care not to damage the tongue and groove portions. Dinged tongue and groove fasteners will be difficult to reconnect in a new installation.

If there isn’t room to insert your pry bar underneath the tongue of the first board, you can use a circular saw with a carbide blade to plunge-cut between two boards near the tongue side. Once the plunge cut is established, you can use your pry bar to pull up as many boards as necessary to expose the tongue edge.

Finally, know that you may be facing a pretty piece of work in cleaning the cracks between boards, where years of grime may have built up.

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Reclaimed Patchwork Wood Block Floor Has Character | Designs & Ideas on Dornob

On Doornob today:

For Japanese studio 403architecture, the answer to a simple and rustic floor made of reclaimed materials was right above their heads. The firm used timber stripped from the ceiling of a Hamamatsu apartment to create a quirky unvarnished wood block floor that has been sanded smooth as an alternative to a tatami mat.

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Best Reclaimed – Hardwood Floors Magazine


“It was a very rewarding job at the very end of it, but a very painstaking process,” Quinn says. The time-consuming job was worth it, as the owner loved the floor, and Birger Juell was thrilled to win yet another Wood Floor of the Year Award.—K.M.W.

Flooring: Birger Juell Ltd. | Finish: Dura Seal | Adhesive: Bostik Inc.

via Hardwood Floors Magazine — The magazine of the National Wood Flooring Association.

Reclaimed Floor Joist Tree Swing in New Arrivals SHOP Garden+Outdoor at Terrain

Reclaimed Floor Joist Tree Swing

Handmade in the USA from a slab of old growth pinewood that once served as a floor joist in a 19th century house, this smooth, storied wood is finished with all-natural tung oil and anchored by rope, tied with a five-loop fisherman’s knot. An amazing addition to a wooded yard filled with massive old trees, it can also be used with a metal frame. No two exactly alike.- Reclaimed old growth pinewood, rope, tying instructions- 695 lb. tension limit- 25 ft. rope- Handmade in USA3”H, 32”W, 7.5”D

Reclaimed Floor Joist Tree Swing

Reclaimed Floor Joist Tree Swing

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The Refold Lamp | Strand Design

The Refold Light is a product of our ongoing exploration into using reclaimed and recycled materials in the objects that we design. In this project, we wanted to show the exquisite detail in reclaimed, old growth Douglas Fir in the format of a large, dramatic light. We cut our own veneers from salvaged floor boards, and glued them up into flexible panels with a fabric backing. We then attached the veneer panels to a modular lighting structure that we cnc cut out of recycled HDPE.

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Drop Box Brigade: North East Portland, Oregon

Spring has sprung in Portland, Oregon. The Cherry and Magnolias trees are blooming and folks are compelled to gut their homes.

Well, not everyone is renovating, but it certainly feels that way.

This dropbox is most likely going to a wood recycler even though there is a decent amount of drywall in the mix. Recycled wood is shredded into mulch nails and all. It is a lot easier to shred wood than denail it for reuse. However, mulch is the end of the life cycle for wood.

The Drop Box Brigader who sent me this picture stopped to talk about the wood flooring in it.  Older tongue and grove floorboards have the a quarter inch of wood on either side of the “tongue”. This is great for reuse purposes as you can flip the floorboards over and finish them, even if the original side has been sanded down quite a bit.

Reclaimed floorboards are a very popular product in the reuse center I used to work at.

Thanks DBBrigader, keep those pictures rolling in!

Wanna join the Drop Box Brigade? Start seeing dropboxes near you!