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Picking Indiana: Couple’s salvage barn increasingly popular

Customers lined up at the door for the 10 a.m. opening. Customers pored over antique items at a once a month sale at the Small Town Salvage store in Bargersville Sunday January 17, 2016. Rob Goebel/Daily Journal

Small Town Salvage is a monthly pop-up event outside of Bargersville, bringing hundreds of people to scour their displays and bins looking for the perfect accent for their homes. Their popularity has stemmed from the increasingly trendy concept of up-cycling the old into something new. “We have to go out and physically hunt for this stuff. We’re looking for the barns, driving around the country, cold-picking,” Obergfell Gindling said.

Source: Picking Indiana: Couple’s salvage barn increasingly popular

Sponsor Post: Railroadware Wire Coil Toroid Pendant Collection – RailroadWare


Wire Coil Glass Toroid Pendant a14

Industrial lighting made from glass and steel providing style while adding a modern presence to your kitchen, office or restaurant.

Wire Coil Glass Toroid Pendant a07

Wire Coil Glass Toroid Pendant Light™ 580 Lumen LED dimming
Inspired by Tesla’s Induction Coil Transformer featuring a toroid (cylinder) made from a wine bottle shade hand wrapped with reflective metal wire winding.

The suspended 580 Lumen LED bulb beams, reflects and shimmers off the wire strands beaming through the glass shade with a focused task light at the bottom of the cylinder to deliver plenty of light to a table or counter. A warm reflective glow spills out of the top.

All Railroadware fixtures are made in the USA meeting all NEC Standards and can be tested & UL labeled if needed for an additional cost. The pendant comes ready to hang with instructions, canopy, hardware and LED bulb.

Inquire about our 12V LED Monopoint fixture systems that are UL Listed. This fixture works on a variety of monorail track light series – WAC, H, J & L (See additional lights & accessories for additional options)

Wire Coil Glass Toroid Pendant a10

APPLICATION: Kitchen Island, hallway, living room, dining room, coffee bar, restaurant, foyer, lobby, bedroom…

Customers & friends will notice and appreciate the optical performance & origins of these fixtures.
Includes: (ready to hang,

+ Metal coil glass shade 3″ dia. 6″ tall. Total fixture measures 7″ tall with cord grip.

+ Brass hardware ring inside glass toroid shade.

+ Cord – 60″ adj. 3 wire cord (white & black) additional length available

+ Base – Candelabra base porcelain socket set

+ LED Bulb – 120V 6W 580 Lumens/ 60W equal, 360 degree, 2700K warm white, No UV no IR

+ Canopy – Metal 5″ ceiling canopy, cross bar with two screws and an adjustable cord grip. (white, black & metal)

Weight: 3 LBS

Box Size: 6x6x8

Shipping: 2-4 weeks

Sponsor a Post with the Reclamation Administration

and bring your message to thousands interested in reclaimed materials!

Source: Wire Coil Toroid Pendant Collection – RailroadWare

Contemporary Jewelry Made from Waste – Design Milk


Part of the reason why Mariana began to work with waste materials is also because after graduating from a pricey school, that’s all she was able to work with. It is through her study of discarded material that she began studying how an object goes from ordinary to extraordinary.


via Contemporary Jewelry Made from Waste – Design Milk.

Market for Green Building Materials Set to Soar


Erick Vickstrom, research analyst for BCC Research, said increased demand across the sector will “provide an opportunity for both existing players and new entrants into the green building materials market.”

For their research, BCC defined “green materials” as those having at least one of these characteristics:

  • Made from salvaged, recycled, or agricultural waste content

  • Manufactured with efficient, environmentally friendly processes

  • Made from rapidly renewable resources

  • Beneficial to the interior built environment

  • Recyclable at the end of their useful life

via Market for Green Building Materials Set to Soar.

Repurposed Wood Doors and Furniture Transformed into Geometric Faces on the Streets of Belgium | Colossal


Over the last year, Belgian painter and sculpturor Stefaan De Croock aka Strook began working with repurposed wood panels, doors, and furniture to construct giant faces on the side of buildings.

strook-10via Repurposed Wood Doors and Furniture Transformed into Geometric Faces on the Streets of Belgium | Colossal.

Energy Efficient Reclaimed Modern House by Dwell Developments


These repurposed building materials include metal and wood from a deconstructed barn in the nearby Willamette Valley. The corrugated metal they collected from this barn was turned into exterior cladding of the house, as well as to build the garden fence. The overhang above the rooftop deck was made from repurposed barn wood. The builders also used repurposed concrete for the pathway leading to the home, and they reclaimed this from a removed public sidewalk.


via Energy Efficient Reclaimed Modern House.

Concrete Tiki Rocket Stove – By TRexGraphix on Instructables

Well now, a new favorite in town!  TRexGraphix is our kind of salvage beast!

Picture of Concrete Tiki Rocket Stove

Materials List:

Plastic bucket from local bakery – $1

1 Empty soup can – Free

1 Eight inch scrap metal tube –Free

2 Plastic paper roll end caps from sign shop – Free

1 9 x 12 wood board  1 ½ thick – Free

1 Counter top board – Free from estate sale

1 Bag CHENG Outdoor Pro Formula Mix Charcoal color – $30

1 Bag Volcano rock – Free leftover from gas fireplace insert

2 Bags (120 lbs) of  concrete mix – $8

20 Drywall screws

1 Roll Duct Tape

1 Gallon of water

via Concrete Tiki Rocket Stove.

Home Help: Spring into simple DIY home decorating trends – News – Littleton Independent – Littleton, MA

Contrasting shiny and rustic materials is a trending style for spring.

Peter Debelak, co-owner of Soulcraft Woodshop and Gallery, a membership-based community woodworking workshop in Cleveland, did just that. He used a construction adhesive designed specifically for bonding porous to non-porous mixed materials, such as metal to wood or ceramic to drywall, to create a rotating wine rack made out of a bicycle wheel, as well as a shelf and coat rack constructed from a repurposed bicycle crank-set and handlebars. “More and more we’re seeing people personalize their home decor by transforming fascinating objects they love into home accessories and furnishings,” said Debelak.

via Home Help: Spring into simple DIY home decorating trends – News – Littleton Independent – Littleton, MA.

SOLO Home Design Creates Chic Contemporary Furniture From Recycled Materials | Inhabitat

solo, recycled furniture, recycled materials, sustainable design, green design, sustainable interiors, recycled table, recycled bench, green products, green furniture, eco furniture

SOLO creates chic one of a kind furnishings and home accessories using recycled and repurposed materials. Based out of Chicago, the studio works with many local businesses to collect objects and give them new life.

via SOLO Home Design Creates Chic Contemporary Furniture From Recycled Materials | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building.

Burlington woman vying for Mompreneur of the Year honour

“We’ve probably made about 50 tables in the last nine months,” said Thorpe-Bauer.

Bauer Barrel tables are made of a reclaimed wine barrel, which is cut in half and mounted on a base. A tabletop is then placed on the open side of the barrel to complete the table.

“Each wine barrel has a story behind it. You know the type of wine that was in it,” she said. “People get really excited which makes us really excited.”

Mompreneur Ashley Thorpe-Bauer of Bauer Barrels, manufacturers of one-of-a-kind handcrafted furniture made from reclaimed wine barrels, sits with daughters Belle, 2, and Lyla, 1. Ian Holroyd photo

via Burlington woman vying for Mompreneur of the Year honour.

The Most Happening Bar in Copenhagen, Flames Included: Remodelista

An interesting reuse of medicine cabinets at this bar in Copenhagen on Remodelista.

Lidkoeb Upstairs/Remodelista

Choose your perch—an equally inviting bar with gray walls, black tables, backed wooden stools, and old medicine cabinets awaits on another floor.

Lidkoeb Restaurant Copenhagen/Remodelista

via The Most Happening Bar in Copenhagen, Flames Included: Remodelista.

Sexing up sustainable design – Telegraph

Generally when we think of reclaimed, repurposed and recycled design, the image is one of thriftiness, resourcefulness and the environment. It’s an unsexy image that is still anathema to high net worthers who do not often (let’s be honest) have sustainability as a top priority. But how about we don’t call it sustainable for a minute… because this trend is now hitting the upper echelons and in the hands of global luxury brands and young designers it’s something quite different. And in the hands of artisans the otherwise unloved becomes fresh and new, interesting and unique.

via Sexing up sustainable design – Telegraph.

Reclaimed Wood Panels – M.O.T.H. via Instructables

MOTH has a great Instructable for reclaiming fence wood.

Picture of Reclaimed Wood Panels

Here is a great and simple way to reuse old fence wood.

Cut off the bottoms that have rotted out.

Layout in straight rows or create a pattern such as herringbone on a piece of 1/2″ plywood

Use screws or nails to attach.

Cut shape out using router for circles and complex curves or a saw for straight lines.

Hang on the wall

Don’t over complicate this project, leaving it simple will bring more attention to the use of reclaimed wood and add the minimalist style.

via Reclaimed Wood Panels.

New life for weathered Duluth building | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota

It wasn’t until after the couple bought the two-story, 3,740-square-foot structure that they learned it had been the Duluth Weather Bureau building from 1904 to 1950. They also learned the Incline Railway tramway had run along the 400-foot-long property on its way up the hill to a grand pavilion that burned a few years before the weather bureau building was built.

“That history just made it more exciting,” said Teri Gunnarson, a physician for Essentia Health.

The Gunnarsons have embraced that history, meticulously reusing bricks and wood flooring removed during demolition and bringing in other reclaimed materials to add character to what is now a modern, cutting-edge home with geothermal and solar energy systems.

via New life for weathered Duluth building | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota.

Shop Your Way to a Better World: 6 Steps to Socially Responsible Shopping | Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy has a great post on shopping responsibly. The only step we would add is “Shop Reclaimed”. Otherwise they nailed it – go see.

Shop Your Way to a Better World: 6 Steps to Socially Responsible Shopping

Events like the recent disaster at a garment factory in Bangladesh, which killed more than a thousand workers, are a sobering reminder that in a global economy, the purchasing decisions you make can have an impact not just on your wallet, but on the lives of people all over the world. Here are a few suggestions to help you buy things that are not just good for your home, but good for the world we all live in.

Buying stuff that has been there all along is one of the best choices you can make for the environment and the world. It’s also a great way to save money, and pick up a unique piece that you won’t see in anyone else’s home.

via Shop Your Way to a Better World: 6 Steps to Socially Responsible Shopping | Apartment Therapy.