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Market for Green Building Materials Set to Soar


Erick Vickstrom, research analyst for BCC Research, said increased demand across the sector will “provide an opportunity for both existing players and new entrants into the green building materials market.”

For their research, BCC defined “green materials” as those having at least one of these characteristics:

  • Made from salvaged, recycled, or agricultural waste content

  • Manufactured with efficient, environmentally friendly processes

  • Made from rapidly renewable resources

  • Beneficial to the interior built environment

  • Recyclable at the end of their useful life

via Market for Green Building Materials Set to Soar.

Concrete Tiki Rocket Stove – By TRexGraphix on Instructables

Well now, a new favorite in town!  TRexGraphix is our kind of salvage beast!

Picture of Concrete Tiki Rocket Stove

Materials List:

Plastic bucket from local bakery – $1

1 Empty soup can – Free

1 Eight inch scrap metal tube –Free

2 Plastic paper roll end caps from sign shop – Free

1 9 x 12 wood board  1 ½ thick – Free

1 Counter top board – Free from estate sale

1 Bag CHENG Outdoor Pro Formula Mix Charcoal color – $30

1 Bag Volcano rock – Free leftover from gas fireplace insert

2 Bags (120 lbs) of  concrete mix – $8

20 Drywall screws

1 Roll Duct Tape

1 Gallon of water

via Concrete Tiki Rocket Stove.