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Renew can’t salvage business – Brattleboro Reformer

This is very sad news.

BRATTLEBORO — Renew Building Materials and Salvage Inc. has closed the doors of its retail store off of Putney Road and the board of the nonprofit organization is trying to figure out the next step.

Ben Coplan, one of only three people left on the board, said the board has been talking to the banks, and to USDA Rural Development, to work out a solution to the organization’s financial situation.

USDA Rural Development provided a $1.05 million loan to the group in 2008 to purchase the property at 16 Town Crier Drive and to expand the facility there.

“Renew is in a position of flux,” Coplan said Friday. “We are looking for the most responsible way to dissolve the business. We are trying to figure out the best thing to do next to put this business out of its misery.”

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