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3-Story Floating School in Nigeria Rides on Recycled Barrels | Urbanist

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floating school in contexts

A simple wooden stick-frame approach made it possible to construct the building inexpensively, using largely local building techniques and upcycled materials. The project’s “main aim is to generate a sustainable, ecological, alternative building system and urban water culture for the teeming population of Africa’s coastal regions.”

floating platform barrel prototype

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Burlington woman vying for Mompreneur of the Year honour

“We’ve probably made about 50 tables in the last nine months,” said Thorpe-Bauer.

Bauer Barrel tables are made of a reclaimed wine barrel, which is cut in half and mounted on a base. A tabletop is then placed on the open side of the barrel to complete the table.

“Each wine barrel has a story behind it. You know the type of wine that was in it,” she said. “People get really excited which makes us really excited.”

Mompreneur Ashley Thorpe-Bauer of Bauer Barrels, manufacturers of one-of-a-kind handcrafted furniture made from reclaimed wine barrels, sits with daughters Belle, 2, and Lyla, 1. Ian Holroyd photo

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BKLYN Designs: uhuru | Design Crack

bilge lounge chair by uhuru design, brooklyn

uhuru, to me, may have been the most impressive furniture designers I saw at BKLYN Designs in terms of their creative reuse of industrial products.

For example: the Stave Bench and the Bilge Lounge reuse whiskey barrels from the finest white oak. These barells are charred and used only once in the barreling process then discarded or sold.

uhuru purchases these barrels and leaves the barrells in a state very close to where they found them to make these beautiful chairs and tables shown above and below. This is what I would consider a very low energy intensive form of recycling which in my mind is the best form of recycling.

stave bench by uhuru design, brooklyn

But uhuru’s commitment to this type of recycling does not stop with whiskey barrels. They have a variety of products that make use of whatever industrial scrap might be around. Their website features products such as the Fenced In Table made from repourposed fence parts- this table you won’t believe.

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