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Items salvaged from flood buyout homes

James Prince of Mason City removes siding from a home on North Hampshire Avenue

“Many hands make light work,” said Al Goranson, of Mason City, who has been a Habitat for Humanity North Central Iowa volunteer since the group formed in 1993. “We have a lot of volunteers today that have carpentry skills.”

The group salvaged items from a house at 618 N. Maryland Ave. in the morning before heading to the dome house at 608 N. Hampshire Ave., built in 1978 and most recently owned by Richard and Nancy Lacoste.

“We are getting a lot of good stuff out of here,” Goranson said.

Salvaged items included patio doors, cabinets, vanities, siding, windows and sinks.


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From Cleveland’s dilapidated buildings, salvage workers unearth treasures – The Washington Post


The neglected edifice, known as the Ardmore and built just after the turn of the century, has crumbling ceilings and busted-out windows. The copper pipes were stolen long ago. Graffiti artists tagged the walls. Weeds have taken over outside. It has sat empty for years, just like the building next door, and the one next to that, like thousands of others in Cleveland beset by population loss and a brutal housing crisis.

Recently, the Ardmore received a death sentence. It will be torn down in a matter of days, part of an ongoing effort to demolish vacant and abandoned properties and chip away at blight. But first, Hennessy and his colleagues have a chance to salvage whatever is worth saving.





via From Cleveland’s dilapidated buildings, salvage workers unearth treasures – The Washington Post.

From Scrap To Stylish Stump: Recycled Timber Furniture By Ubico Studio – TreeHugger


We admit it: we can’t get enough of stump-themed furniture. And now, from Tel Aviv-based Ubico Studio comes this tongue-in-cheek creation, made from salvaged wood scraps, glued together and skillfully shaped to give the appearance of wholesome stumpiness.


Inspired by the Christian wake ceremony and recently seen over at Designboom, this seating collection is simply titled “Wake.” The eco-minded Ubico Studio, which centers around “urban gathering and reclaiming,” salvages its raw materials from dumpsters, renovation sites and the streets, and gives some details about how these stump-mimicking works were made:

The furniture [is] made of relatively small pieces of scrap timber cut to extremely accurate sizes and then glued together in a matrix to a block. The blocks are then carved into tree stump-like shapes.



Granted, these adorable pieces are more like postmodernist versions of real tree stumps. But they’ve got the right idea about recycling wood scraps that would otherwise be discarded, and transforming them into down-to-earth yet sleek furniture that could grace any tastefully decorated living space.

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