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Steam Boat: Sweat it Out on Finland’s Floating Sauna – Architizer

Built out of recycled wood, the buoyant steam bath features a rooftop observation deck, a barbecue, and a hammock, making it the perfect place to unwind on the water with friends, whether in winter or the warmer summer months. The timber material reflects the same palette used in traditional saunas, adding a touch of warmth. A set of repurposed plastic drums keeps the sauna afloat, while a small outboard motor is used to power the vessel, showing the group’s do-it-yourself sensibilities.

via Steam Boat: Sweat it Out on Finland’s Floating Sauna – Architizer.

Rustic Way Saunas – Reclaimed Wood

Rustic Way Sauna 5911

Rustic Way Sauna 4   There are no shortcuts in the realm in which Dan and The Rustic Way operate. The keys to producing products of the highest quality that are cherished for generations are really quite basic: ˜scouring the Midwest region, and beyond,for the best sources of reclaimed wood ˜taking utmost care in dismantling/deconstructing aging structures to preserve as much usable wood as possible in its natural, weathered condition˜and then relying on two decades of experience-proven techniques to massage the reclaimed wood — through planning, hand-sanding and multiple layers of finish to enhance what’s already there, bringing out the beauty nature created in 100-plus years of life.




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Rustic Way Saunas.