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“Upcycling” Assets: Planning for Regenerative Growth – Urban Land Magazine

Barrie Barton of Right Angle Studios speaking at right at a ULI Australia event in Sydney.

“We’re all in this together. So, stop thinking about the people that are just in our direct industry and [think of] all of the brands and all of the incredibly smart, creative people that you can work with to get together with the same objectives. We’re not that different, really. And there are some really exciting opportunities with people outside of the property bubble—to misuse that phrase—not the least of which is our citizens.”

Source: “Upcycling” Assets: Planning for Regenerative Growth – Urban Land Magazine

Demolish, re-use, recycle and rebuild

IRCOW project

An EU-funded research project has laid the foundations for change – it is promoting concrete, ceramics, gypsum and plastics recycling around Europe.

Recycling and re-using parts from old buildings makes sense – it creates less waste, makes construction cheaper and reduces the use of raw resources (more than 50% of all materials extracted from the earth are currently transformed into construction materials and products).

via Demolish, re-use, recycle and rebuild.