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Buying a home can mean changing expectations | CharlotteObserver.com

“It’s time we begin thinking differently about housing, in terms of what our shelters are and should be made of, and of how we create and inhabit them,” Kellner writes in the book “Housing Reclaimed: Sustainable Homes for Next to Nothing

For starters, she recommends that we simplify our wish lists, embrace smaller homes that are environmentally sustainable, and participate more in building them.

Here are more excerpts from Kellner’s tip sheet:

Salvage: Buildings slated for demolition can provide materials for new projects. Do the demolition work yourself, and you might pick up materials for little or no cost. This approach leads to designing around materials you find, but those materials can create a one-of-a-kind home.

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R-Incarnation | Design Blog Folklore

Folklore is a beautiful new shop right up our street – literally. It may be a little difficult to find at first, wedged in between two Gill Wing stores and boasting an antique sign which reads 193 BERWIC rather than Folklore.

On my second visit I almost got lost, failing to notice it due to its inconspicuous shop front. However, after spotting the paper and crotchet lampshades in the window I was reminded why it had initially caught my eye.

They later explained that they had kept the old sign allowing it to add to the character of the shop while corresponding with their philosophy of sustainability.

Danielle Reid and her husband Rob opened the shop on Islington’s trendy Upper Street 1 month ago. The couple started the company, based on the belief that better living is possible through design. They curate a selection of pieces by a mix of designers, makers and craftsmen and try to source locally where possible.

Everything inside Folklore is either handmade, antique or made from recycled or found materials. Others are easily recyclable at the end of their life. All are made in an environmentally mindful way. Danielle strongly believes that ecology and ethics are integral to design and there is a theme throughout the shop which emphasises the importance of being environmentally mindful.

As recycling becomes more mainstream and becomes the norm, recycled goods and furniture are becoming more beautiful in their own right. Folklore paves the way for sustainable living and proves that recycling can be elegant by exploring diverse styles and uses of materials.

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