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A Soho Dream Loft (Where Everything is for Sale): Remodelista

For those of you who work at reuse centers, I cannot recommend this technique enough.  Creating the look of a home with items for sale, greatly contributes to customers visioning those items in their home. If you can make an entire home interior for sale – it will sell.

heLine.com's The Apartment, a Soho loft store | Remodelista

Online boutique The Line—purveyors of simple, soignee (and undeniably pricey) fashion, furniture, and even toothpaste—have opened The Apartment, a remodeled Soho loft furnished with the site’s invitingly laid-back objects.

The Apartment Bath/Remodelista

via A Soho Dream Loft (Where Everything is for Sale): Remodelista.