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Reuse Centers: Ways to Optimize Partnerships – Sara Badiali

One of the benefits of starting the Reclamation Administration is that I get to see how reuse centers optimize partnerships within the community.  Like churches or pubs, reuse centers can be a pivotal gathering place. If done well, the physical detritus of the community flows through a reuse center. Neighbors stop and talk with each other over finds and projects, suggestions are made and advice is given. I’ve seen reuse centers inspire creativity that transcend individual projects and develop into community initiatives.  Material with history motivates people to collaborate and build both projects and relationships.

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Internships are a reason to fund The Reclamation Administration

Michaela Harms

Micheala: Summer 2014 Intern Extraordinaire

Michaela is a student at Metropolia University in Helsinki, Finland studying sustainable building engineering. Her interest in innovative building was sparked with an initial project in the Mojave Desert at Aquarius Ranch on a super adobe dome underneath UFOs and starry skies.

She stumbled into the natural building world through working on organic farms and continued on with projects utilizing cob, light-clay straw, adobe, and infinite recycled materials. After working at cafes and arts non-profits to support her wanderlust, she chose to return to the Nordic region to get back to her building passion.

This summer she was on work placement with Whole Trees Architecture in her native Wisconsin with one of her architectural heroes, Roald Gundersen. In the future she hopes to creatively develop accessible hybridized building techniques. She believes natural materials, inspiring integrated design, cradle-to-cradle material reuse, and updated vernacular architecture are the future for a sustainable built environment.

When she’s not brainstorming building compositions and calculating structural integrity you’ll find her biking aimlessly, foraging in the forests, enjoying beers at a sauna evening and flipping around with her acrobatics group.

Micheala researched and wrote many articles while interning at The Reclamation Administration.


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Since 2011 the RA has been a primary site for news and research on building material waste prevention. Posts on projects, programs, policy, people and the amazing progress made in reclaiming beautiful materials from going to waste!

  • Over 3,000 links to inspiring stories, collaboration, and design
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The building material reuse community is a thriving growing industry of professionals and policy-makers who are changing the world for the better! The Reclamation Administration is uniting this diverse community through daily news.

The Reclamation Administration Needs to Increase Capacity!

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If the funding goal isn’t reached, The Reclamation Administration will continue to provide these services but at a much slower pace. There is a high demand for inspirational news on reclaimed building materials – and we want to answer the call!

The Impact

The RA is an ongoing source of inspiration for design, policy, collaboration, business, environmental issues, job creation, and education.  The RA features daily information highlighting the “Triple Bottom Line” model of sustainability.  The RA provides daily news that People, Planet, and Profit are synergistic when reclaiming building materials.

  • Social change in the form of job creation, and the establishment of Deconstruction as a Trade Skill
  •  Environmental and ecological impact through reducing the waste stream and limiting the need for consuming raw materials
  •  Financial profit from creating a new industry in harvesting and producing products from reclaimed building materials

Over 100,000 people have visited the RA since it’s creation with an average of 100 new visitors a day. Over 400 readers are dedicated followers.

Risks & Challenges

The RA has been operating as a blog for over three years.  The new funds will go to registering The Reclamation Administration as a LLC. The RA is a Social Entrepreneurship – a business with a mission and we have a lot more to learn!

Here’s what we have so far:

  • Over three years of support in consistent & reliable information on building material reuse
  • Partnerships with national organizations, businesses, craftspeople, and government
  • Small business graduate through Mercy Corps North West

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t contribute financially send us your news instead!  We are always looking to spread the word and hear people’s stories on reuse. Send our campaign to someone you know, take a moment to pass it on – thank you.

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