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Creativity Through Reuse – Trashswag,com

Trashswag is now launching in Montreal (montreal.trashswag.com) and hopes to create a community where similar minded people can help one another to locate and share materials worth reusing. The site is also a platform where people can share ideas for projects, connect with one another and can post pictures of what they have made with pieces found on trashswag. It is Trashwag’s goal that within the next few years it will grow into a well established community that facilitates the exchange of creative ideas, materials and space.

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Trashswag Helps Toronto’s Junk Gain New Life Through Art | culture | Torontoist

I’ve posted about Trashswag before. But it continues to knock my socks off as an excellent yet simple solution to usable waste.

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Trashswag, a Toronto-based website, has garnered attention for the way it gathers crowdsourced information to alert residents to discarded items left on city sidewalks. But it isn’t attracting droves of dumpster divers or students scavenging for freebie bookshelves. Instead, it’s Toronto’s artistic community that seems to be embracing the site’s green, philanthropic vision.

Using an open-source mapping platform called Ushahidi, he developed an app that allows people to share and map pictures of wood, bricks, and architectural salvage like doors and windows on Twitter, using the hashtag #Trashswag. Users can also now contribute photos on Instagram. Unlike similar online services—like Craigslist’s “free” section, or Freecycle—Trashswag doesn’t rely on people to advertise their own items. Instead, it enlists anyone with a smartphone and an eye for useful junk.


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