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DiResta: Old Plank – YouTube

Here’s what to do with your old plank this weekend.

(Not to be confused with Old Greg – that is entirely different activity)


I found this old plank at the waters edge under the Brooklyn bridge few years ago. In this video i simply add 1″x1″ steel legs, TIG welded together by my GF Taylor. The texture of the drift wood was too nice to do any thing but showcase it. I did remove the nails. enjoy and thank you.

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DiResta: Celebrating one Year on MAKE! | MAKE

Jimmy DiRiesta of DiResta celebrates one year of partnering with Make Magazine to bring awesome DIY instruction.

This is what community is all about. Once again, I am humbled in the face of cooperative creativity!


Creating these movies is the best mental exercise for me. Having to create an object and tell the story with visuals only is the challenge each week and it keeps me inventing constantly. In the video above I call out my top five favorites videos and some of the inspiration that went into them.

Thank you MAKE and the maker community for supporting my video series.

via DiResta: Celebrating one Year on MAKE! | MAKE.