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Wine Rack – 25 Inventive Examples of Furniture Made From Car Parts | Complex UK

Here at the Reclamation Administration we give credit and link back to the original sources to all our posts if we can. In the case of this engine block wine rack, we could not find the origin of this awesome project. If you made this – we would love to know who you are! Please contact us.

Part: Engine Block

Source: Wine Rack – 25 Inventive Examples of Furniture Made From Car Parts | Complex UK

Railroad Spike Beer Rack Train by RailroadWare




RR_Spike_Wine Train_Rack_8b

All aboard functional piece of heavy duty Railroadware. This unique shelving & product display system is an ideal way to display and feature your favorite cans & bottles. It can handle the job storing your products with an attractive rustic style, industrial old world charm and functionality. Your favorite bottle or can is the locomotive. (Fine wines or beer not included.)

Used in restaurants, bars, and homes, The storage system comes with 2-spikes,  2-rebar rails,  2- cast iron escutcheon washer2 ½” dia. and 2-wood screws 1/4″x 2″  that can be removed and replaced with any hardware you need.


Custom sizes and longer trains are available. Each track carries a train featuring your bottles and cans. You can stack you precious cargo on the rails or purchase multiple shelves. Orient them east or west bound either way they make a nice addition to your kitchen or bar station.

RR_Spike_Beer Train_Rack_1b

Attach to wall studs @ 32” O.C. or consult contractor for drywall or other installation. Extra Additional RR spike brackets and ½” rebar gauge track available.

RR_Spike_Beer Train_Rack_3b


We upcycle and repurpose common industrial artifacts transforming them into products that provide a historical accent to commercial or residential spaces. Combining the ruggedness of upcycled industrial steel and glass, our products add distinctive depth and texture to your decor without overwhelming. They are also delightfully functional and all made in USA.

Railroad Spike Beer Rack Train 44″ – 6 pack – RailroadWare.

Recycled wine rack SMALL pallet repurposed by TheGoAwayWoodshop – Etsy

Recycled wine rack SMALL, pallet repurposed rustic

Constructed from discarded pallets, this 6 bottle wine rack is rustic and rugged. Designed for homes with less available wall space. Wine glass rack placed underneath to hold most models of wine glasses, shelf on top for overflow. Each piece is unique. Dimensions are approximately 24.5 inches wide, 22.5 inches tall and 5 inches deep. Stained dark walnut. Wine bottles and glasses not included.

via Recycled wine rack SMALL pallet repurposed by TheGoAwayWoodshop.

Reclaimed wine rack set of 2 SALE THIS WEEK by DelHutsonDesigns

Pallet wine rack on Etsy by DelHutsonDesigns (it’s on Sale!)

Reclaimed wine rack (set of 2) SALE THIS WEEK  20.00 off

Made out of %100 reclaimed wood, this piece is sure to catch attention in your house for it’s unique and one of a kind style.

Style meets full functionality with this wine rack holding 10 wine bottles and up to 9 long stem wine glasses.

Because it is made of reclaimed pallet wood, not every board will be cut to perfection hence the raw and vintage appeal of this one and only wine rack.

Reclaimed wine rack (set of 2) SALE THIS WEEK  20.00 off

via Reclaimed wine rack set of 2 SALE THIS WEEK by DelHutsonDesigns.