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zenbox ADU Design/Build | zenbox design

A particularly stunning example of reclaimed wood in adaptive reuse by Zenbox Design.

Special thanks to Bryan Danger for bringing the love!

This Portland ADU Project began as a simple 2 car garage but translated into a modern industrial loft space of about 480sq ft. The owners plan to rent out the primary residence to cover the mortgage and live in the ADU full time (mortgage/rent free).

The primary design focus was working to eliminate the barrier between inside and outside and to make the most usable space out of a small footprint. A large accordion door system ensures that the front wall of the space can be completely opened up to the outdoors, removing any barrier between inside and outside. The space was laid out to take maximum use of limited space and built in cabinets allow for ample storage and complete flexibility.

via zenbox ADU Design/Build | zenbox design.