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Tiny House Blog Countless links and articles on all things tiny.

Tiny House Build Tiny house plans in information.

Tiny House Design Free tiny house plans and stories.

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Tiny House Builders

Hobbitat Spaces (Maryland) Our passion is for small structures, thoughtfully designed using today’s technologies wrapped in reclaimed and repurposed materials.

Little Green Buildings (Minnesota) created for people who need a small, earth-friendly, non-toxic, affordable and easily assembled building.

Tiny Texas Houses (Texas) designed and built with the best trees ever harvested, the best hardware ever made, and great salvaged materials to demonstrate that it is possible to reduce our carbon footprint, simplify our lives, and live in a healthy house that will be energy efficient as well as beautiful.

Tortoise Shell Home (California) The high-quality, low-cost mini home.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Co. (California) Whether you are building or buying, we have the resources and experts to help you on your journey.


Adirondack Yurts (New York) We design and builds yurts with a unique take on the original Mongolian Yurt or Ger.


Greenleaf Cabins (Colorado) Since 1994, we have been providing distinctive forestry services and wood products.

Montana Mobile Cabins (Montana) Traditional log cabins in tiny form.

Tiny Green Cabins (Minnesota) Tiny Green Cabins is a custom builder of transportable, sustainable, healthy, tiny houses micro homes, cabins, and camper cabins.