National Center for Craftsmenship certifies Women Deconstructionists

Almost one year ago today the National Center for Craftsmanship completed the deconstruction of the Steele’s Market Center in Fort Collins, Colorado.  The project launched the first program to train and certify women in the trade of Deconstruction.  Over 90% of the building was deconstructed.

“Craftspeople across the country are literally a dying breed” says Neil Kaufman,
Executive Director of NCC. “Our community’s trade and craftspeople are
disappearing faster than we can train their replacements. Deconstruction allows
potential future craftspeople to work with the same tools and materials that they
will eventually learn to build with”.

However, the Steele’s project provided another unique benefit: the first program in the country to train women transitioning from Community Corrections back into the general population. The Steele’s project included five women who were certified as Deconstruct Technicians completing a 200-hour training program, the most rigorous of its kind in the world.

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NCC Certifies Women Deconstructors