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This is an unusual post for the RA  seeing how we focus on the reuse of existing building materials.  Being from South Jersey, I know it is important to support any business that is recycling and reusing materials (even if it is there own manufacturing waste material).  The culture of reuse is not as strong in New Jersey as it is in other areas of the country. Which is a shame since it contains very unique wilderness and is so darn pretty in places!

I appreciate the effort of Manning Mills tremendously. Thanks!

Last year, Mannington’s two biggest factories – the one in South Jersey and one in Calhoun, Ga., used 190 pounds of recycled material in their products for every 100 pounds of waste generated through their manufacturing.

These ground-up scraps from flooring remnants are ready for recycling - a company priority.

Influenced, perhaps, by its home base in a sensitive area, Mannington Mills has been working to reduce its environmental impact by restoring 12 acres of native habitat on its 500-acre Mannington Township property and by striving to use more recycled materials in vinyl floor tiles and other products than it generates in waste that gets shipped to landfills.

“We’ve been doing some remediation work here,” Campbell said. “What my grandfather did in 1924 is different than the world is today.”

The effort has brought Mannington accolades from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, which counts Mannington among its Environmental Stewardship leaders, which are companies that go beyond what is required by the laws to protect the environment.

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