Metro – Landfill could be mined for recyclables – Calgary, Cananda

Way to go Calgary! I will be watching this story because I believe in landfill mining. I think it is a great way to decrease waste but also because of the archaeological and historical possibilities.  


Construction materials that have been buried for nearly two decades could be given new life if the city decides to go through with a proposal to mine an old southeast landfill.

A proposal is on the table to begin extracting potentially recyclable materials from Ogden Landfill — a site that was closed in 1994.

Dave Griffiths, director of waste and recycling services, said the site was a former dumping ground for construction and demolition materials.

“I can tell you that in the history of that site, there was a lot of tonnage that went into that site but a lot of it went in the way of concrete and asphalt and it could be reclaimed for aggregate and taken out.”



via Metro – Landfill could be mined for recyclables.