Habitat’s ReStore Offers New Options For Dorm Decor

The last bit of metro college students moved in today at Creighton University. Last week UNO students moved in and chances are students are spending time organizing and getting their new living space in order. But there is a popular decor option that gives back to the community.

“And we made it into a magazine rack,” Volunteer Jessica Duce said. “I love the idea of using things at the restore that have been donated, and repurposing them for somebody’s home or dorm room.”

She spends her time helping people find ways to re-use hundreds of home improvement supplies.

“We can be so creative, make doors and cabinets and spray paint lamps and make old news again,” Duce said.

She showed us how to make a desk using bathroom cabinets and an old door, jewelry storage using old shutters and old artwork into new.

“This is the before and what we did was took out he center, flipped it around and we created some custom art for a girl,” Duce said.

But for every item she helps sell at Habitat’s Restore, she’s helping fund habitat for humanity homes.

“If you think about one of the big box home improvement stories, the Lowes, Home Depot or the Menards. It’s really anything that you would see down in those, only some of these might be gently used,” ReStore director David Klitz said.

They have old and new appliance, tiles, artwork, you name it and they’ve probably got it.

“And just the wide variety of items that come down here. Anything from furniture and home décor items,” Klitz said.

So far, money from sales this year alone, have funded 4 and a half homes in the Heartland.

“It’s a great time for people to come down here,” Klitz said.

He says now more than ever, college students are coming in to find ways to liven up their living space.

“People are really really creative and they see something and they really run with it,” Klitz said.

“And everything that you get here, gives back to habitat for humanity so it’s a win win,” Duce said.

A win for volunteers, college students and Habitat for Humanity.

Restore is open to the public Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. They are closed on Sundays. You can also drop off donations at their location at 1003 South 24th street.

via Habitat’s ReStore Offers New Options For Dorm Decor.