Deconstruction as a Community-Building Tool

This regional forum on deconstruction will showcase how local communities have developed successful partnerships to create jobs, train individuals and salvage still-usable building materials. Deconstruction saves materials that would otherwise be dumped, which wastes resources and needlessly strains local landfills. Join us and learn about the benefits of deconstruction as well as how cities and businesses can be more engaged in the deconstruction industry.

Speakers include:

Ted Reiff, president of The ReUse People of America, has worked with the Kansas City region the past few years on deconstruction efforts. Reiff will share stories from the field in other regions of the country as well as projects he’s worked on in the metro.

Gerald Shechter, sustainability coordinator for the City Manager’s Office of Environmental Quality and grant manager for EnergyWorks KC in Kansas City, Mo., will explain why the city included deconstruction as part of its $20 million EnergyWorks KC grant. Shechter will also cover the city’s plans to deconstruct homes on its dangerous buildings list and in partnership with neighborhood organizations.

Brian Alferman, director of Habitat ReStore Kansas City, will discuss his organization’s partnership with The ReUse People, and how Habitat ReStore trains and certifies deconstruction contractors for whole-house removals. Alferman will also explain how to work with local ReStores to salvage usable materials and reduce costs through tax deductions.

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