T.D.M – TrashDesignManufaktur


The TrashDesignManufaktur-Vienna – short TDM – is a division ofDismantling and Recycling Centre (DRZ) , a socio-economic operation of Viennese Adult Education Centres Ltd. The focus of the work is the reintegration, qualification and Vermitttlung of long-term unemployed and people with disabilities..

In TDM unique design is created from the remnants of our society. Thanks to new ideas, the company drives people out of work were long, with a high success rate into the labor market and the back of them created and manufactured products in Europe in the temple of art. We produce elegant and high quality jewelry, furniture and accessories. Our products consist mainly of recycled parts from used electrical and electronic equipment.Each piece is handmade and therefore unique. The project is funded by funds from the AMS Vienna  and the European Social Fund (ESF) . With the purchase of a TDM product you purchase not only a designer piece, but you also support the idea of social economy.

T.D.M – TrashDesignManufaktur.