Deluxe Chicken Coop

The ModernCoop from Wright Design Office.

The ModernCoop chicken house uses recycled cedar, metal or fiberglass roves to create an ultra cool retro-looking 50’s trailer design.

The ModernCoop from Wright Design Office.

Designed to provide a deluxe home for your backyard flock,  the innovative and sustainable design comes from Portland-based architecture firm Wright Design Office.The coops have a water supply port and a pest-protected feeding section, roosting box, egg access hatch and perch level viewing windows. A ladder is used to access the interior, and being raised off the ground helps provide extra vermin and predator protection.

The chicken coop sits in a chicken run which is approximately 24″ wide x 48″ long x 42″ high (60cms x 120cms x 107cms) including the ladder. Additional chicken coops can be added lengthwise or side-by-side to increase the chicken run area. The chicken house can be permanent or made as a mobile coop to allow the hens to do their aerating and fertilizing of the soil.

The ModernCoop from Wright Design Office.

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