Drop Box Brigade: North East Portland, Oregon

Spring has sprung in Portland, Oregon. The Cherry and Magnolias trees are blooming and folks are compelled to gut their homes.

Well, not everyone is renovating, but it certainly feels that way.

This dropbox is most likely going to a wood recycler even though there is a decent amount of drywall in the mix. Recycled wood is shredded into mulch nails and all. It is a lot easier to shred wood than denail it for reuse. However, mulch is the end of the life cycle for wood.

The Drop Box Brigader who sent me this picture stopped to talk about the wood flooring in it.  Older tongue and grove floorboards have the a quarter inch of wood on either side of the “tongue”. This is great for reuse purposes as you can flip the floorboards over and finish them, even if the original side has been sanded down quite a bit.

Reclaimed floorboards are a very popular product in the reuse center I used to work at.

Thanks DBBrigader, keep those pictures rolling in!

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