Urban Blight to Urban Farms on The Reclamation Administration

The Reclamation Administration is adding news category: Urban Blight to Urban Farms

Here at The Reclamation Administration we focus on news about building material reuse and diverting C&D from the waste stream.

If you are a regular reader (thank you), then you probably noticed that the RA primarily posts about salvaging and designing with reclaimed building materials.  In our enthusiasm for reading about taking buildings apart and then making things from the pieces, we overlooked a very import piece indeed. The one that stays behind. Or, rather under.

The Ground. We are ashamed to admit that we overlooked the earth under the buildings as a reclaimable resource.

Pretty obvious right? Well we may have missed it, but hundreds of people who live in cities where urban prairies are the norm see it every day.

Urban Blight to Urban Farms is now a news category on The Reclamation Administration.  We will be posting news as we find it, and you can search for these stories by using the drop down down menu under NEWS CATEGORIES and picking Urban Blight to Farms.

We hope that you are as inspired as we are to read about the amazing things that people are doing by reclaiming the earth under buildings.