GutterCherry: | 2 Table

The 2Table would not have been possible without my fabulously talented and patient friend Kirby Jones.  Kirby made it possible for me to use the charred and broken beam of Douglas Fir that was salvaged from a building in Portland, Oregon.  He’s not only talented, he’s magical, because somehow the beam stayed together and is finished in such a way as the charring does not rub off.  Also, I don’t have to use coasters – nice work!

The 2Table is made from reclaimed materials.  The bases are house jacks that were originally used to lift a house from the foundation.  These jacks are solid iron and are of the vintage variety. I like the bell shape and the patina on the metal.

The circular number 2 is a scale weight, 2 for two pounds.  The curves, material, and patina match the jacks sweetly.

The wood beam works nicely; it would be what the jacks were created to move (if the house were still attached).

I love these tables.  They have rhythm, rhyme, and irony! And there are 2 of them!

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