BioCycle founder Jerry Goldstein dies at 81 | Resource Recycling

Thanks friend, you will be missed.

BioCycle founder Jerry Goldstein dies at 81

By Editorial Staff, Resource Recycling

Composting, recycling and sustainability pioneer Jerome “Jerry” Goldstein, founder of JG Press, publisher of BioCycle and In Business, died May 17.

Goldstein founded Compost Science, which became BioCycle in 1960 and was also the author of numerous books, including “How To Manage A Company Ecologically,” “Garbage As You Like It,” “Sensible Sludge,” and “How To Start A Family Business and Make It Work.”

From Goldstein’s first editorial, republished in his obituary in BioCycle: “Our editorial objective is to set up a central medium — a clearinghouse — for valuable information for municipal and industrial officials responsible for the treatment and disposal of organic waste materials … We are publishers and editors thoroughly convinced that there is a need to conserve this country’s as well as the world’s natural resources. We believe that converting municipal and industrial organic wastes into useful products would be an effective step forward in a long-range conservation program. And along with the conservation benefits is an aspect equally as important — that of developing a treatment process that does not create subsequent problems in water or air pollution.”

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