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Deconstruction is the new demolition. Instead of gutting a project and sending the whole shebang to a landfill, more and more contractors and homeowners are getting savvy about recycling building materials.

Deconstruction contractors can help homeowners auction off or donate the waste materials they don’t want. That means those old kitchen cabinets can be a tax deduction instead of a dumpster filler. And on the other end, you’ve got more money to buy new ones. Charities like habitat for humanity benefit from a lot of donations, and deconstruction has prevented thousands of tons of materials from entering landfills nationwide.

Re-used and recycled materials are cool. Even broken tile can make a statement in a “rubble tile” counter or tabletop. So, check your local salvage yard or deconstruction contractor before you go shopping. With a little inspiration, materials that are secondhand can give you the upper hand on your next project!

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