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The Harvest Moon Society has arranged for Dave Bennink (from Washington State), named “Deconstructor of the Year” in 2009, to come to Clearwater to lead a four day workshop on efficient building deconstruction and material reclaiming methods.

Dates: August 9-12, 2012

Location: Clearwater, MB area

Cost: $600 – includes instruction, tenting space and food. In order to make this course accessible to all we have a limited number of subsidies available – please contact for more info.

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Dave has deconstructed hundreds of buildings and travels all over North America teaching about the amazing poten- tial of abandoned and unused buildings while remaining sustainable and cost effective.

The course will involve some class time but, more impor- tantly, the majority of the learning will be hands-on dur- ing the deconstruction of a local building. All these valu- able materials reclaimed from the deconstruction will be used for an addition to the Harvest Moon Learning Centre.

Space is limited. If interested, please contact Graham Taylor: | 204 479 7525

Instrutor Biography

David Bennink, owner of RE-USE Consulting, has been in the reusable building materials industry for 19+ years.  He helped to develop and run two non-profit reuse stores in the State of Washington, working there for 11.5 years.  He started RE-USE Consulting in 2004 and now has clients in 41 States and 3 Provinces and was voted National Building Deconstructor of the Year – 2009/2010 and was runner-up for National Building Deconstructor of the Year – 2007/2008.  In 2010/2011, Bennink helped start several new deconstruction operations and has created over 300 green-collar jobs in the last 3.5 years.  He is a board member of the Building Materials Reuse Association and is working to create a set of sustainable alternatives to demolition that are cost competitive with demolition pricing.

He has worked on over 3000 buildings including homes, apartment complexes, hospitals, warehouses, sports stadiums and more and has deconstructed over 600 of them.  Bennink runs the national training program ‘Three-Day Decon’ on advanced building deconstruction, assesses buildings reuse value, and works on difficult and large scale projects that wish to incorporate alternatives to demolition.  An important aspect of his daily work is developing markets for reusable materials, helping with L.E.E.D projects, creation of green-collar jobs, and striving for the goal of zero waste.  Examples of RE-USE Consulting’s current work includes managing the nation’s largest deconstruction training program in the City of Indianapolis, and several disaster or urban blight related deconstruction projects involving over 4000 buildings.  Bennink continues to strive to ‘build up an industry that takes down buildings’, and is trying to maximize the social and environment benefits of what he does.

David Bennink

RE-USE Consulting

2421 St. Clair St.

Bellingham, WA 98229


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