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reclaimed wood flooring

When remodeling a home, you want a floor that is durable, livable and will light a room with its beauty. Luckily, there’s more than one option that will fit the bill. Sustainable options that are made from material that might have otherwise gone to waste are a great choice. Using clean, renewable resources result in better air quality because volatile organic compounds VOC can pollute the air inside your home. Here are five options to consider for your next remodel:

Reclaimed Wood

Salvaged wood comes from a variety of sources. Old barns, industrial buildings and old houses are a popular place to find reclaimed wood for flooring. Recovered wood from forests, creeks and rivers can also be milled for flooring. Reclaimed wood can be sourced in a variety of types like oak, pine, cypress, cherry and chestnut. Although reclaimed wood can be more expensive that traditional hardwood floors using renewable sources is environmentally responsible and your new reclaimed wood floor will be one of a kind.

Recycled TerrazzoTiles

Terrazzo tiles are made up of chips of glass, stone, concrete, tile or masonry. The chips and tiles come in a variety of colors and sizes and when they come together the floor display can be striking. Terrazzo floors are extremely durable and easy to clean. The one negative is that epoxy-based terrazzo poses VOC-exposure issues for homeowners.


Cobblestone cut from local stone are great for walkways, courtyards, bathrooms and more. The stone material can be reclaimed from old buildings and streets that would have otherwise been thrown away. Cobblestone floors are a beautiful and unique way to add history to a special space.

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