Crafstman Revival in Downtown LA | 2Modern Blog

In the heart of downtown LA, tucked casually and nondescript amongst the graffiti and industrial buildings, there is a small group of craftsman operating under the name District Millworks. The only indication that there is a business in the building is an address and name on the door to the front entrance, however, once inside, you will find the outfitted design studio, workshop and showroom of dedicated craftsmen who are creating truly unique products that wear the descriptions rustic and modern seamlessly.

Specializing in repurposed materials, reclaimed wood, and metalwork, their pieces and installations are starting to pop up in restaurants, boutiques, offices, and showcased homes in LA and beyond. They are a young company from humble beginnings, and the team is a fairly quiet bunch, but they let the saws and their work speak for them. If you have the chance to slip in, prepare to be pleasantly surprised and take the opportunity to try out their custom built shuffleboard table or swing from the 20ft swing inside their showroom.


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