Leger Wanaselja Architects | GreenDwellings.com

Leger Wanaselja Architecture continues its pursuit of salvage and reuse in this Berkeley residence.  Over 100 salvaged car roofs cover the upper walls of this house.  The roofs were sawed out of grey cars left for parts in local junk yards.  The lower walls are clad in poplar bark, a waste product from the furniture industry of North Carolina.   The awnings are fabricated from junked Dodge Caravan side windows.  Once advertised as “America’s best selling minivan”, now a common item in junk yards.

The house is a 2 bedroom infill in the heart of one of Berkeley, California’s oldest residential neighborhoods, near the downtown core.  The unique curves make the house appear small on the outside. However it is big on the inside with high ceilings, wide open spaces, and big windows and doors to the garden.

via Leger Wanaselja Architects | GreenDwellings.com.