Growing trend for pop architectural salvage –

London West, UK – In last Saturdays Financial Times How To Spend It Marc OFlaherty wrote of the growing popularity for the use of curios with a unique narrative resonance in interior design projects. Designers are seeking out items with a past that create atmosphere hence the demand for salvaged objects. These objects can be useful or decorative but they also add that element of curiosity. Popular items are from previous Industrial or commercial use. Some items can even replace art like an old 1960s sign from a Soho strip joint. M Goldstein describes the sign as being an elegiac piece of social history – certainly a talking point to have on your wall. M Goldsteins pop salvage could be seen in the influential Dover Street Markets window display over the summer.

Many people will enjoy rummaging and falling in love with something and Mark C. OFlaherty in Curiouser and Curiouser gives sources of where to find that special something. Locations from Sunbury Antiques Market in London to Hells Kitchen Flea Market in New York City. He also mentions SalvoWEB as one of interior designer, Russell Sages, favourite hunting grounds. Sage is well known for incorporating quirky elements in his projects. Its seems to all be about enjoyment and giving new life to objects which have a story to tell.Russell Sage Studio

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