Book Report: The Revolutionary Yardscape « Rancho Reubidoux

Our good friend Bruno Demers recently brought The Revolutionary Yardscape to our attention here at the RA.

Here is a great write up on Rancho Reubidoux:

Levesque’s book takes the current passion for recycling and repurposing discarded materials, many of them industrial, to new and artful heights. Take the picture, above, of a gorgeous garden seating area. Does it instantly register that this patio’s floor is a collage of steel plates, stone bits (cemetery cores), brass objects (door knobs), stepped marble rings, glass items and gravel? Or, that the ingenious table is made of a glass-topped perforated steel tube? … that the well-grounded and sturdy bench started off as a super-strong laminated support beam and is backed for privacy with circle-punched steel and wood panels? Doesn’t knowing that it is all those things combined, make it that much more interesting and beautiful? To me it does!



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