Designed for RX Made: Upcycled Product Launch by Rebuilding Exchange — Kickstarter

RX Made is on a mission to turn materials from the waste stream into well-made, well-designed products for everyone.

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When you support RX Made on Kickstarter, you help us:

  • Reclaim community “waste” and turn it into an asset
  • Create jobs for local designers and manufacturers, and:
  • Start production of the first edition of designs manufactured by RX Made in collaboration with Strand Design

Founded in 2011 by Chicago Non-Profit Rebuilding Exchange, RX Made evolved out of what was originally a job training program to create skilled workers in the growing field of building deconstruction and materials reuse.The trainees in the program were taught basic carpentry skills, and learned to create furniture from reclaimed building materials salvaged in Chicago. From these beginnings, we have since transformed into a small furniture production shop, hiring both graduates from the training program and talented builders from the furniture making community here in Chicago.

Over the past year, we’ve received such an enthusiastic response to our furniture line that we wanted to explore producing a greater variety of products utilizing reclaimed and locally produced materials. We also wanted to make these products in the same way that we make our furniture; using local sourcing, local design, and local craftspeople.

via Designed for RX Made: Upcycled Product Launch by Rebuilding Exchange — Kickstarter.