Opalis.be: an online guide to finding used building materials in Belgium

The Belgium building materials reuse industry recently saw the launch of Opalis, a pretty neat and resourceful web site North-America should probably take as an example. Available both in French and Dutch, Opalis serves as an online building materials reuse guide for all individuals, contractors and architects who want to buy, sell, or use reclaimed materials. With interactive maps and individual description of each professional dealer, this one of a king tool provides a detailed overview of the supply of building materials available in Belgium and especially around the metropolitan area of Brussels.

Opalis is the creation of Rotor, probably the most avant-garde European non-profit in the filed of reuse. Active since 2005, its team of professionals explore the issue of reuse in multiple domains and through various projects. In a series of studies on the construction sector, they found that there were many underutilized opportunities for professionals to purchase second-hand materials in Brussels area, as well as many reusable components coming out of Brussels C&D sites but never reaching the resellers. Opalis was thus conceived as a solution to connect these sleeping supply and demand.

Review written by Bruno Demers Bruno Demers

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