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Sarasota Architectural Salvage

SARASOTA – For centuries, people have searched for buried treasure on the Suncoast left here by pirates. We don’t know where that’s buried, but at Sarasota Architectural Salvage, you’ll find a different kind of treasure.

The place is stocked with old items that have survived the wrecking ball to find new life.

Jesse White says he founded Sarasota Architectural Salvage to keep Suncoast history from ending up in the landfill. “Architectural salvage is going into buildings that have been torn down and we do focus on the historical building. We are sort of that place of last resort so these items that are really beautiful and well-crafted don’t end up going to a landfill when they get torn down.”

Inside there are doors, windows, chandeliers, furniture, hardware and room decor. And outside there’s more.

White and his staff travel all over seeking unique items. “I just knock on doors if I see interesting stuff on somebody’s yard, and not a lot of big dogs or a no trespassing sign,” says sales manager Greg Pemberton.

He has more than 25 year’s experience in historic preservation. He’s made some great finds, and some not so great. “There was a stuffed cat one time that I found…I didn’t buy it, of course.”

Many old items are given new life by being recycled into something else. “You can take some of the farm equipment, I have a tractor table, a beautiful red tractor that was just the right height for making into a little side table.”

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