Peter McFarlane: Reduce, Reuse and Make Metal Art

Peter McFarlane‘s artistic vision is a nice treat this morning.

It came to the RA via a site called Visual News  who’s managing editor Benjamin Starr has the best bio we’ve read in a while.


Peter McFarlane Metal Art 15

Much of McFarlane’s material comes from dumpster diving, an activity which helps to keep him humble: “I have found there’s nothing like garbage picking to ward off the glorification of middle class ideals.” We like that. Considering there’s far more than scrap metal floating around, he’s also worked with sculpting and collaging discarded circuit boards, as well as drawing aspects of industrial society. You can see more of his fantastic work at

Peter McFarlane Metal Art 2

Peter McFarlane Metal Art 12

via Peter McFarlane: Reduce, Reuse and Make Metal Art.