The Urban Coffee Farm at MFWF 2013 | Habitus Living

We first spotted this article on Inhabitat and then again on WebUrbanist.  Pallets are by far en vogue as reuse materials these days.

In 1997 The Institute for Local Self Reliance put out a study on Sustaining Businesses and Jobs Through Pallet Repair and Reuse.

It is extraordinary that pallet reuse has come so far from the early days.  It is also extraordinary that we’ve been keeping tabs on reuse for this long!  (It’s possible we need an intervention)

The Urban Coffee Farm consists of more than 120 coffee plants, shipping containers – housing the ‘Brew Bar’ – and timber pallets. The aim of the installation was two-fold: activating an underutilised space on Melbourne’s South Bank, while bringing awareness of the growing, brewing and roasting processes that go into our coffee-drinking experiences.

via The Urban Coffee Farm at MFWF 2013 | Habitus Living.