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Reupholstering furniture has been her favorite thing she’s been doing lately.

“You find an ugly chair, take it apart and put it back together with pretty fabric,” she said.

Pretty soon her house got full of stuff.

“My husband said ‘you got to do something,'” Albertson said.

At first, Albertson didn’t know where to go with her repurposed items, but her daughter Julie had a solution. Mary Gillespie was about to open a shop in Granite Falls, Frogs on the Footbridge, which features locally-made items and antiques and vintage pieces.

“(She said) ‘I think you should go talk to her,’ and I did,” Albertson said. “And I had a fantastic month.”

She’ll find things to repurpose at flea markets, auctions, and on “trashing” excursions.

“I go to the towns that put out their junk,” she said.

Dawson is one of the best towns to go “trashing,” Albertson said, and she has a friend there who keeps her informed.

“She calls me when it’s junk time, and I go there and pick up a lot of stuff,” Albertson said.

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