Shipbreaking: World’s most dangerous job? –

Decommissioning ships – or shipbreaking kills people.

Poor people of course. Poor people that live very far from where the ships are originally created.

Lets do something about this shall we? Start by just learning that this dangerous industry exists. We’ll help with that part.

If you have any good ideas to get the word out about shipbreaking, we’d like to hear them. Please use the comments section to let us know. Thanks!

Shipbreaking: World's most dangerous job?

Given the appalling conditions here, some have even called for a moratorium on Asian shipbreaking. “Despite the possibility of proper disposal in Europe or other developed countries, the vast majority of European shipping companies continue to profit by having their ships broken cheaply and dangerously on the beaches of South Asia,” says Patrizia Heidegger, executive director of the NGO Shipbreaking Platform. “The EU must adopt mechanisms that will prevent European ship owners from exporting toxic ships for breaking in developing countries and instead recycle them according to the health, safety and environmental laws and standards of their own countries.”

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