RA going to Washington DC

Weel, now we have a confession to make here at the RA.

???????????????????????????????We’ve been going strong since 2011 working hard to unify the reuse community by researching and posting inspiring stories of reclamation and reuse. Based on the stats from this site and feedback, you are a vibrant and enthusiastic group of diverse individuals.

As a matter of fact, you keep this up and you are going to change the world by mainstreaming building material reuse.


We couldn’t have planned it better. I want to send out my sincere thanks to everyone who reads, comments, and emails us. And by us, I mean me.

I am off to Washington D.C. next week to present The Reclamation Administration at the Remake and Reclaim Symposium.

Posts next week will be sparse. Hang in there and check out the archives there are over 1,350 posts to be inspired by. If you have any requests or feedback please email reclamationnews@gmail.com.

Thanks and wish me luck (I hate public speaking).


Sara B. Reclamation Administration .com