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HistpresHISTPRES is the best online source for employment and internship opportunities for young and emerging professionals. We also post fellowships, grants, calls for papers, lectures/workshops + events. HISTPRES is the online community for young preservationists.

HISTPRES is more than a resource for employment posts, we offer a Career Consultation service to maximize your preservation resume. We get to know your preservation personality, your career goals, geographic preferences, and help you highlight your most desirable skills. In the case of HISTPRES, you get six extra sets (Meagan wears glasses), of highly trained eyes, on your most crucial application a materials. Because we spend our free time looking at employment opportunities and their most commonly requested qualifications, we know what employers seek in their new hires. We will also hook you up an email full of custom job suggestions.

HISTPRES readers find the site to be a vital portal to the many interesting and unique preservation opportunities available, personally selected by two young preservationists themselves. If you have comments or suggestions, or if we’ve helped you find a job, please use the contact page to let us know or email info@histpres.com.

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