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reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood refers to lumber that has served a previous function and hasn’t come directly from the sawmill. It’s often free or available at a fraction of the cost of new lumber, saving you cash you can invest in other projects. Additionally, reclaimed wood has a visual appeal that fresh kiln-dried wood can’t match.

Specifically, salvaged wood has wear and tear to the surface and grain, and is more beautiful because of its age. Weathering, worm or bug holes, and spalted figures give the stock loads of character, which will translate into your home improvement or creative project.

Older wood is also available in larger dimensions, and was most likely cut from old-growth, local trees in sizes you can’t get at the lumber yard. Of course, reclaimed wood is recycled wood, so no extra trees need to be cut to use it. In sum, you’re saving on manufacturing and shipping costs, with results that are better for the earth and better for your project.

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