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Originally found this amazing project on Colossal about Hank Butittla’s Bus.  We love it because it is a call to Architecture schools to incorporate more material and hands on use in design.

Hank specifically talks about the “basic physical limitations of materials” and how valuable it is to actually work with them.  We feel the same goes for using reclaimed materials in general design.

Thank you Hank, your work inspires us!

These awesome and amazing photos are by Justin Evidon – go check out his work.

One of the primary goals during the design phase was to develop a living space in 225sqft that is as open and un-restricting as possible. In order to accomplish this, I set self-imposed guidelines that eliminated any furniture or structure above the bottom edge of the window. This allows the space to remain continuous, and maintains clear sight-lines from one end of the space to the other, even while seated. In order to accomplish this I developed a thin wall system integrating structure, insulation, electrical, lighting, and facing, leaving the interior open for occupation. The ceiling is covered in plywood flexed by compression, and the floor is reclaimed gym flooring, complete with 3-point line.



Hank Butitta.

via A Tour of the Bus | Hank Bought A Bus.