50,000 and Counting

It takes a lot of courage to be creative.  Some artists would say they have no choice in the matter, they must create.  Anyone who’s ever made something and then put it out for the world to see can attest that it is scary.

One of the many reasons I love and respect the reuse community is the fundamental artistry of it.  We can save all the materials in the world, but it is the folks who see the creative potential in each individual saved piece that makes this movement happen. Without the designers, crafts-people, artists, and builders using the miracle of their creative minds, reuse would at best be just recycling.

The Reclamation Administration just surpassed 50,000 views.  I want to thank everyone who’s creativity we’ve posted about.  I especially want to thank you for coming here to be inspired.  Your involvement and the support of other creatives, is literally saving the planet.

We promise to keep the posts coming, if you promise to keep putting your work out for all to see! Our sincere thanks for your courage.