Alex Eaves – Reuse Pro

Alex Eaves is a self proclaimed leader of the reuse movement. He got his start in apparel and is now on tour filming a documentary about the larger reuse industry. This is the first we’ve heard of Alex, but he is now among a long list of folks who’ve made similar proclamations. We love the enthusiasm, good luck Alex!

Alex On Twitter

Alex Eaves; a guy who isn’t just pro-reuse, but more like a reuse pro. I live and breathe reuse every day. Through my blog posts, stories, photos, videos, and life in general, I aim to share the benefits and fun of reusing and why it’s important that we all choose to reuse a little more.


A few years ago, my brother was helping me rewrite my business plan for my brand, STAY VOCAL, as I wanted to incorporate reuse apparel more. He pressingly asked, “Well, what do you want to do?!” Without hesitation, I responded with, “I want to be the leader of the reuse movement! ”

Now I know what you’re saying, “leader of the reuse movement? That’s a lofty goal Alex!” But that was my gut feeling. And hey, at this point, it’s way more likely of a thing for me to be than a pro skateboarder or pro basketball player; both things that I had aimed to be in my younger years. Shortly after that meeting with my brother, I decided to take the first step towards my goal and change my brand’s focus from a mix of new and reuse apparel to strictly reuse apparel.

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