KDLT.com South Dakota News – Habitat For Humanity To Be In Documentary

Niki Schillerstrom, Community Relations Director, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sioux Falls said, “We’re inviting local artists from high school all the way up to professional to shop the store to pick out items that will offer at no charge to them, then they will repurpose it into a piece of art work that they will donate back to us.”

Schillerstrom is the brains behind the ‘Restoration Art Auction.’ Schillerstrom said once the art work is donated back, it will be bid on. The money will go towards the Habitat for Humanity’s Restore. Initially the goal was to raise $1,000, but Schillerstrom said so many people have expressed interest in creating art for the auction; they will most likely exceed that.

And South Dakotans aren’t the only people interested in the auction, so is one man, from Massachusetts.

“Reusing as a whole, it’s great for people, it’s great for the planet, and it’s great for your wallet,” Alex Eaves, a Restore Pro said.

But Eaves decided he wanted a more visual way to share the importance of reusing. So with a cameraman by his side, Eaves is traveling through all 48 landlocked states to make a documentary.

“Not only am I show casing how I reuse, and my brand, but I’m also teaming up with people in every state to see how they reuse in different ways all across the country,” Eaves said.

Sioux Falls was the 34th stop on his tour.

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